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Why is it important to have a Masters Degree Essay

Why is it important to have a Masters Degree - Essay Example Bachelor Degree is basically the minimum qualification required for a profession whereas Masters Degree is essential for higher opportunities in career. This paper briefly analyses the importance of Masters Degree for one’s career development. In industry sector, Masters Degree is essential for the career development. For example, it is difficult for a person with a Bachelor of business administration degree to excel whereas a person with a Master of Business Administration may help him to achieve higher places in his organization. Some people use Master degree for a change of their profession. For example, a Bachelor in economics can opt for a Master in Business Administration if he/she decides to change their profession after the completion of their bachelor degree in economics. Master Degree provides the maturity in learning to the student. Most of the students up to their bachelor degree may not give much emphasize to their education. On the other hand, most of the Master Degree students avoid all other leisure activities and give more importance to their studies. In other words, most of the students become well matured during their Master Degree studies. For a teaching profession in universities and colleges, Masters Degree is essential since majority of the college or university students are studying either the Masters Degree courses, Graduate courses or undergraduate courses. It is impossible for a Bachelor Degree holder to teach a Master Degree student. Even for doctoral degree, it is better for a person to achieve Masters Degree first. In fact Masters Degree is the base for a Ph.D. In terms of course works, Masters Degree always provides the base of Ph.D. People often achieve Masters Degree during their early twenties during which they would be more matured compared to other stages of their student-hood. Masters Degree often gives the choice of specialization. Up to Master Degree level, students often study subjects on a

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Marketing Approaches Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Marketing Approaches - Term Paper Example This is due to the concept of moral hazard when it comes to consuming health care products and services through insurance financing. Handling health care products and services in the health care markets must put into account all the aspects highlighted above. The spending decisions and buyer behaviors of consumers in health care markets are influenced by more variables compared to their counterparts in the consumer goods markets. Health care marketers must assess and evaluate the approaches that different consumers use to derive good health. Some opt for preventative measures, others choose curative or both. Therefore, the marketing approach chosen should critically identify the different markets segments that exist and the product or service differentiation variables employed. Marketing consumer goods and services focuses on the rationality of consumers. Consumers exhibit rationality in the sense that they prefer consumer baskets that are high in quality and cheap in terms of cost. The primary objective of a consumer in the consumer goods and services markets is to maximize utility. Consumers aim at getting more value than they actually pay for. To achieve this, the pricing policies adopted by sellers must favor consumption needs of consumers in order to maximize their welfare in buying goods and services bundles. Unlike in marketing health care products, consumer goods and services are not characterized by moral hazard due to the fact that consumers personally meet their expenditure. Consumption is purely based on the purchasing power of an individual consumer. Consumers with high purchasing power will ultimately buy more than those with lower purchasing power. On the same note, consumption of consumer... Marketing Approaches The nature of the products or services being marketed and the targeted markets are crucial to account for because they critically identify the different market segments that exist, and subsequently guide marketers in undertaking their respective duties and responsibilities. Although both health care and consumer goods markets deal with both products and services, the nature of marketing practices significantly vary due to product or service uniqueness and product or service differentiation in these markets. Marketers in both health care and consumer goods markets seek to capture a significant market share that maximizes market benefits in terms of sales, revenue generation, and profit making. Marketers in these two markets adopt different marketing approaches that work best in their respective markets. A health care marketer has to understand that health care products and services are characterized by derived demand rather than direct demand (Getzen, 2010). This implies that demand f or health care is the outcome of the need for good health. Good health can be realized from both curative and preventative measures, both of which constitute demand for health care. Service delivery is another aspect that experiences ethical violations. The firm should be morally responsible for its decisions, practices, and operations. The crafted policy should encompass programs that are designed to collect feedback at both the firm and the target markets in relation to service delivery.

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The Thickness of Ice and Twice Shy Essay Example for Free

The Thickness of Ice and Twice Shy Essay The Thickness of Ice is poem about the different stages a couple go through in a relationship. The main themes in this poem are friendship and love and how these two can blend together. The title has been chosen by Loxley to show a positive side to relationships. The Thickness of Ice is positive as Thickness shows stability and safety. During this poem, Thickness is an oxymoron as well. The speaker in this poem is Loxley herself. I think this is true because the poem seems quite personal and sounds like it comes from a females perspective. It is also emotional and very meaningful. It seems that Loxley is trying to explain to us the different stages a relationship can go through if not taken seriously. In this poem she tells us one way that is the most often way in which a relationship goes in. This is what makes it so powerful and yet sounds so personal. I think she wrote the poem to show us how she felt after a bad experience in a relationship and could also be a warning to all of us about what might happen if people dont play fair in a relationship and end up hurting each other. I know this because the language used in the poem is so strong and powerful that we know that she is upset and hasnt got over something or someone. Throughout this poem we can see that she is planning what will happen. This poem is written in the future tense and makes us think that she can tell what is going to happen and why. She seems to think she can tell what is going to happen from a past experience. This past experience might not have worked out as we can tell from this poem. Also throughout this poem there is a sign of hope. Loxley chooses to use an interesting method of repetition throughout this poem to demonstrate her feelings about the situation she is in; though secretly Ill be hoping well become much more and hoping that that youre hoping that too. Loxley shows us how eager she is to get into a relationship with someone and how she isnt worried about anything and is completely besotted with this person. The poem has a well ordered structure. Connectives such as First Later Last of all give the poem a steady flow. The structure also relates to the theme of the poem that by using these connectives, it gives the poem the same continuous flow of that in a relationship. The relationship that Loxley has written about in this poem is about how two people would meet, fall in love, fall out and go their separate ways. People would naturally use the words first and last of all to describe different parts in a relationship. This shows the comparison between the structure of the poem and that of a relationship. I think Loxley chose to use this structure because it is usually used as a list or an order and the person who wrote this poem (whether it be Loxley or not) obviously thought the relationship was like a list of things that were going to happen. The person who is speaking out in this poem is sure of what is going to happen and there is predicting what she shall do and to me; this is a sign of a list which, in my opinion, is why Loxley chose to use this structure. The tone is this poem is mostly about love and lust. The one tone is most shown in this poem is love. It is what the whole poem is written about. All about falling in love or lust and being hurt in the outcome. This is a very opening poem as it gives the message not to rush into things so that you dont get hurt in the end. If it is Loxley writing the poem from a personal experience then it understandable that she doesnt have any strong feelings towards relationship and that she doesnt really like the way that they can break you. Sher writes about heartbreak and selfishness a lot in this poem and it is quite noticeable that she thinks that all relationships turn out the same as one that she may have experienced before. The tone at the end of the poem does change into a positive outcome when she uses the metaphor; Last of all well be like children, having learnt the thickness of ice this shows that they have learnt a lesson about what happened and that they might have future together but as friends and not in a relationship.

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Dulce et decorum est :: Free Essays

Dulce et Decorum est is a poem written about the first world war. Its Wilfred Owens first hand account of World War I, the War that, ultimately, killed him. Wilfred Owen was an anti-war poet. He wrote of the horrible conditions encounter by the young soldier in the trenches. Owen used imagery to portray the horrors of war, he paints a vivid picture with his words. This is especially evident when he writes: â€Å"If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs, Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,- â€Å" When you hear these words you can almost feel the pain of the people experiencing it. The author chooses to use raw, real words to get his message across. Unlike many other poets who would use flowing, beautiful phrases, as to almost make you forget about the horrid subject matter being discussed, Wilfred Owen poem has an unconventional structure to make the reader think outside the box. There is hardly any rhythm, in order to portray the chaos surrounding him. The last line of the poem: The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori. Witch is Latin for ‘it is a sweet and glorious thing to die for ones country’ is VERY fitting to end this poem. Dieing at war is anything but â€Å"sweet and glorious† and the poet recognizes that this is nothing more then an â€Å"old lie.† No one WHO has experienced war first hand thinks that it is noble and honorable. The memories of war haunt their dreams. Wilfred Owen states In all my dreams, before my helpless sight, He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning. The memories of his companions dieing make it that much harder to see the meaning behind the warfare. Fighting doesn’t bring peace.

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Course Schedule of Philosophy

I will answer my cell phone only after 4 pm. If you are unable to reach me please leave a message that includes a brief description of your question or concern, and I will return your call as soon as possible (but always within 24 hours). I Welcome! I came to education as an â€Å"adult learner† having received an associate degree from MATCH when I was 30. I graduated from Marquette University 4 years later with degrees in education, writing and English. Then 4 years later I earned master degrees in education and computer technology from Cardinal Stretch University. Currently I am working on my doctorate in education.Course Description This five-week course in critical thinking and informal logic helps students develop the ability to reason clearly and critically. It includes an introduction to the disciplines of inductive and deductive logic, fallacious reasoning, and problem- solving techniques. Emphasis is placed on the identification and management of the perception proces s, use of assumptions, emotional influences, and language in various forms of business communication. Topics and Objectives Critical Thinking: Purpose and Process Define â€Å"thinking. † Identify the critical thinking process.Relate the stages of cognitive development to logic and critical thinking. The relationship of logic to critical thinking. The Perception Process and its Influences Outline the perceptual process. Explain Describe perceptual blocks to clear and critical thinking: personal barriers, sensing, and physiology. Assumptions: Critical Thinking and the Unknown Recognize assumptions in various situations. Compare and contrast necessary and unwarranted assumptions. Develop methods of checking assumptions and creating alternatives. Logic versus Emotion Define the role of emotion in reasoning and argument.Identify the impact of emotional influence on personal and professional effectiveness. Explain the impact of feelings on the critical thinking process. Analysis o f the Use of Language in Thinking and Argument Explain the role of language in the critical thinking process. Identify the power and limitations of language in expressing thoughts. Explore the impact of language diversity. Elements and Composition of Argument Explore the role of critical thinking in persuasion. Distinguish arguments from nourishment. Identify the parts of an argument and their relationship to each other. Describe the role of analogy in argument. Identify the methods used in organizing thoughts. Differentiate between inductive and deductive modalities of reasoning. Explore the structure and use of syllogisms in reasoning. Define the concepts of truth, validity, and soundness in a deductive argument. Patterns of Fallacious Reasoning Apply sound rational reasoning to problem solving. Recognize fallacies in written, oral, and visual arguments. Critical Thinking Techniques Synthesize understanding of fallacies in reasoning and argument. Develop spontaneous oral arguments .IW51101 *For on-ground students, these are oral and [email  protected] presentations with notes. 1 101 Total 11001 Course Changes Please note that the instructor's assignments may vary from the original syllabus you received from the student web page. Assignments in this document take priority. While the reading assignments and learning objectives remain the same, some of the assignments in this syllabus have been customized for this particular section. *** The instructor reserves the right to change this document wily nil as he sees fit! *** Policies and ProceduresThe University trusts each student to maintain high standards of honesty, academic integrity, and ethical behavior. All individual assignments MUST reflect each student's own original effort. During the course students must achieve specified learning outcomes in order to meet the course objectives. Your assignment grades will be dependent on the accomplishment of those objectives. All assignments are evaluated on the b asis of achievement, and not on effort. University of Phoenix Grading Guidelines can be found in your Program Handbook.A student who meets course objectives will earn a grade of â€Å"C†. In order to earn a grade of â€Å"A† or â€Å"B† the student assignments. Unless otherwise specified, all papers are to be typewritten, double-spaced, and proofread and corrected for grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. Source material must be cited within the body of the paper and referenced at the end of the paper. All references must be cited within the body of the paper. The format for all typewritten work follows the standards in The Little, Brown Compact Handbook (Custom 4th De. University of Phoenix). All written assignments will be evaluated as specified in the Grading Criteria for Written Assignments found at the end of this syllabus and on my instructor's web page. Attendance and participation Attendance at each workshop is mandatory! In this five week cou rse only one unavoidable absence will be permitted, and you must notify one of the instructors in advance. Should an absence occur the student is responsible for any assignment(s) due in that workshop.Points for classroom participation are dependent on your presence in the classroom for the entire workshop! If you are absent for any reason participation points for that workshop will be deducted from your grade. Arriving more than 15 minutes late for class or leaving class early will also result in point deductions; each occurrence will be evaluated individually. If you must be unavoidably absent for the learning team presentation it must reflect your involvement (by audio or video tape) in order for you to share in the grade for that assignment.Learning teams play an important part in achieving the educational outcomes in the degree programs at University of Phoenix. Teams will be formed in the first workshop of the course, and students are expected to commit to five hours of learni ng team activities each week in addition to attendance at the workshops. Through the process of completing team charters and meeting logs, and participating in classroom discussions, students will have the opportunity to reflect on the learning that has takes place as part of the team's work together.The learning team presentation in Workshop Five will be evaluated on the basis of content (10 points) and presentation style (10 points). If you have questions regarding what is determined by style it is up to you to request this information from your instructor. All learning team members will receive the same grade for the reservation, regardless of individual style differences. Late assignments It is assumed that students will perform professionally in preparing work required for this class.All assignments must be submitted on their due date. Assignments will be accepted up to one week late but that will result in an automatic grade reduction of 10% of the total possible points for th at assignment. I will not accept assignments ahead of time). Incomplete Incomplete will only be considered on an individual basis. Academic Honesty Academic honesty is highly valued at the University of Phoenix. You must always vomit work that represents your original words or ideas.If any words or ideas used in a class posting or assignment submission do not represent your original words or ideas, you must cite all relevant sources and make clear the extent to which such sources were used. Words or ideas that require citation include, but are not limited to, all hard copy or electronic publications, whether copyrighted or not, and all verbal or visual communication when the content of such communication clearly originates from an identifiable source. Please see the I-JOB Catalog for more information about academic honesty, including consequences of academic dishonesty.Privacy and Confidentiality in the Online Classroom One of the highlights of the I-JOB academic experience is that students can draw on the wealth of examples from their organizations in class discussions and in their written work. However, it is imperative that students not share information that is confidential, privileged, or proprietary in nature.

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Analysis Of Poetry Should Ride The Bus By Ruth Forman

Poetry can follow your life all the way through, from the innocence of a child, to the end of your days. The comfort, seduction, education, occasion and hope found in poems are elaborated in Poetry Should Ride the Bus by Ruth Forman. As the poem reads on, you not only travel through the life of a person from adolescence to being elderly through vivid imagery, but also hit on specific genres of poems through the personification of poetry as the characters in the stages of life. This poem’s genres hit on what poetry should do and be, by connecting the life many of us live. As the poem begins, the reader immediately visualizes someone playing outside in a â€Å"polka dot dress,† and this someone is the personification of poetry (1). Forman uses†¦show more content†¦Forman, in the third stanza, writes of a man, or the personified version of poetry, dressed in â€Å"fine plum linen suits† (9). Plum, symbolic to the Japanese for happiness and good fortune and symbolic to the Jewish for divine grace, was not placed in the poem involuntarily. We must carry ourselves with the sophistication and refined education we have received, but we need to sit down and talk about â€Å"the comins and goins of the world† (line 12). Poetry can bring you back to your memories and make you sit to think about the world. Even some of the shortest and most simplistic-looking poems are the hardest to decipher because of the hidden messages behind the text. It is important to take a moment, and not to rush, the reading of poetry or the conversations of life because you may miss something important with the assumption of thinking you hold this divine knowledge. Furthermore, poetry, and the personification of poetry, conversations with old friends and family, should not need a special occasion, rather it should â€Å"ride the bus† with patience for the stops before your own and the understanding of other’s needs before your own (line 13). You can also say the bus can represent the speed at which life passes you by and how easy it is to miss something if you are not paying attention, or even, that these missed moments have a poem to help you along your long journey home. With the use of

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How Personality Testing Is Used On A Daily Basis - 822 Words

Personality testing is used on a daily basis in all areas of psychology. These tests evaluate and measure traits, values, attitudes, personal identity, and many more aspects of an individual’s personality (Cohen, Swerdlik, Sturman, 2013). Such assessments as the Thematic Apperception Test, Neuroticism, Extroversion, and Openness inventory and the Psychopathic Personality Inventory are instruments, which assist the psychologist in assessing an individual’s personality. The following paper will discuss each of these tests. Thematic Apperception Test Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) is a personality assessment instrument. Created in 1935 by Henry Murray and Christiana Morgan the purpose of the test is to reveal the participants emotions, drives, personality conflicts, personality complexes, and sentiment (Swartz, 1978). The original format of the TAT test can still be found. Psychological testing allows the researcher to collect comprehensive information, which is necessary to formulate an appropriate treatment plan (Verdon et al., 2014). The following section will review the TAT assessment, and its relevance to the field of psychology. Test Purpose and Procedures The 1978 Review of the Tat completed by Jon Swartz evaluated the internal integrity of the test. TAT is an assessment, which utilizes pictures and storytelling abilities. The participant is shown one of 20 pictures and asked to use his/her imagination to derive a story about the portrayed charactersShow MoreRelatedThe Best Means Of Hiring And Testing New Employees1454 Words   |  6 Pagesare commonly used in a day to day basis but have proven to be inadequate for consistently selecting good employees. When it comes to hiring and selecting you want to use productive tools to help determine the best decision possible. Using the incorrect tools to hire and test potential candidates causes employee turnover and retention. Companies need to understand what pre-employment assessments are and why they are effective. I will be discussing the best means of hiring and testing new employeesRead MoreThe Test Of Personality Assessments1732 Words   |  7 Pages T here are a number of personality assessments available for clinicians to implement with the same intended purpose- to obtain a deeper understanding of an individual’s personality. Whether the answers to the questions are self-reported by the individual taking the assessment, or recorded by the clinician, the answers themselves are not what is most important. Whether it is related to a specific diagnosis, or a previous experience, these tests are administered to gain insight into an individual’sRead MorePros and Cons of Personality Testing1634 Words   |  6 PagesThe pros and cons of personality testing Introduction The test that measure a persons enduring traits and their characteristics, which are nonphysical and nonmental is referred to as a personality test. According to ADDIN EN.CITE Salkind2012272Salkind (2012)2722726Salkind, N.J.Tests Measurement for People Who (Think They) Hate Tests Measurement2012Thousand OaksSAGE Publications9781412913638 HYPERLINK l _ENREF_4 o Salkind, 2012 #272 SalkindRead MoreComparing Organizational Codes of Test Users1513 Words   |  7 PagesUsers Throughout history mankind has utilized testing. Testing or experiments are done on a daily basis. People do this without even realizing it; it has become part of our daily lives. Most of today’s modern technology such as electricity, cars, and even television were based on a series of experiments. Humans are known to be curious and want to understand how and why things were or happen. This curiosity extends to wanting to know how we act, feel, and understand things. Performing testsRead MoreAdvantages and Disadvantages of Projective Tests1137 Words   |  5 Pagesreliability in your answer.   As part of the ability tests, which measure what we have learned and our ability to learn new things, Projective tests are used to deduce a persons feelings, needs and motive on the basis of a persons interpretation of ambiguous stimuli, which consists of pictures, patterns and stories. The commonly used projective tests are the Roschach Inkblot Test in which the test taker must describe what he or she thinks the image is. Another test is the Thematic ApperceptionRead MoreA Reflection On The Classroom Essay1640 Words   |  7 Pagesbe in an independent testing environment. This desk set up aligns with my teaching style and personality because of the inclusive environment, which encourages collectivistic learning. I also think it is important personally to have an open space plan to know where all students are located in the classroom. I would however add a break space in the classroom with re-centering tools, especially for students who struggle to leave the classroom for breaks. Artifact B: Copy of daily schedule The rationalRead MoreAssessment Is A Large Part Of Every Classroom969 Words   |  4 Pages Teachers need to be cognizant of their students, and assessments provide the means to understand students better. I have used many different assessments. A primary focus of mine is making sure students have the best opportunity to show they have learned. Students with test anxiety may not be able to show me how much they learned in the way a project could. On a daily basis, I use informal assessments. There are as simple as asking students to explain a concept just discussed, asking for an exitRead MoreOur Modern Educational System Creates An Environment Essay1324 Words   |  6 Pagesin my life as I am a student. These issues are very important for everyone currently in the system. High school students are specifically affected because that is where racism and test scores are the most relevant; they need to be informed on how their daily school life is being impaired. Spotlighting The Issues Racism is a very prevalent problem in the education system. When I say racism, I don’t necessarily mean children bullying one another; I define racism as a lack of funding and supportRead MoreIntroducing The Problems Of The American School System Essay1327 Words   |  6 Pagesin my life as I am a student. These issues are very important for everyone currently in the system. High school students are specifically affected because that is where racism and test scores are the most relevant; they need to be informed on how their daily school life is being impaired. Spotlighting The Issues Racism is a very prevalent problem in the education system. When I say racism, I don’t necessarily mean children bullying one another; I define racism as a lack of funding and supportRead MoreAlzheimer s Disease And Dementia1329 Words   |  6 Pagesin the US, causing more fatalities than breast and prostate cancer patients combined. With that being said, how many commercials have you seen about Alzheimer’s awareness? How many 5k’s and walk-a-thons have you seen advertised opposed to cancer awareness? My purpose with this paper is to shed light on Alzheimer’s and dementia disease and help those reading to have to better understanding how the disease works to better educate those around us when opportunity presents itself. So what’s the difference